Value of Embracing Differing Perspectives

To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.

To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.

A great majority of people believe that accepting others’ perspectives can potentially indicate their defeat in an argument. Nevertheless, they are able to see complexities of a situation and make a better judgment by giving rightful value to others’ opinions. This judgment may not only be appropriate for themselves, but also for their opponents. A win-win situation can only be created when you are able to listen to others without making prior judgments. It demands courage, discipline, and acknowledgment skills.

Listen to What Others Have to Say: Make earnest efforts to discover what your opponent thinks about the concerned issue. Pay attention to his/her concerns, motives, and goals. Modify your thinking to understand the basis of his/her point of view. You are likely to get the most out of a situation only if you comprehend your opponent’s feelings and interests.

Admit Valid Opinions: In our world, a person’s mindset, belief system, and personal experiences are different from others. Something that seems to be chaotic to one person may be the other person’s technique to achieve the same ambition. A difference in ideas does not lessen significance of any opinion. Every situation can make sense once you are able to expand your thinking to figure out validity of your opponent’s stance.

Know What Your Attitude Shows: The key to understand other people’s perspectives is compassion and empathy. Your attitude signifies a lot about your perceptions. It is rather easy to evaluate a situation when you keep outcomes less important. You should alter your thinking to make a rapport with others.

Considering a battle ground, both sides assume to be battling for right reasons. If they expand their perspectives, they can easily realize that humanity exists beyond borders of their respective countries. For any situation or argument, it is important to consider every minute detail as it can be right or wrong in ways that are beyond your comprehension.

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