The Phenomena of Corporate and Individual Social Responsibility


The theory or philosophy of social responsibility is based on ethics and values. Every individual or organization is bound to execute adequate

Be Socially Responsible to Change Your World

Be Socially Responsible to Change Your World

services to help society by all means. The ideology of social responsibility promotes exclusive duties that every organization or individual has to execute in order to strike a remarkable balance between various systems present in a society. Generally, it indicates the act of maintaining stability between the ecosystem and the economy.

The concept of social responsibility is not only valid for business, economic, or other corporations, but also for every single person whose performance or actions can influence the environment. While individual or corporate social responsibility can be directly executed in the form of various social activities, it can also be performed by not getting involved in socially adverse acts.

Importance of Social Responsibility

The duties and activities involved in social responsibility are not only valuable for business and social organizations, but are also beneficial for the entire society. Various business organizations, being societal members, consider it their duty to lend a helping hand to society in order to deal with complicated issues and problems.

Various medium-sized, large, and multinational organizations have made the ideology of social responsibility a part of their corporate mission and vision statement. Similarly, many other organizations have extended their responsibilities to voluntarily take extra steps so as to enhance the standard of living of their staff members and their immediate families. Such additional steps are also taken to offer valuable services to the local community as well as the entire society.

Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility

Much known as CSR, the policies involved in corporate social responsibility encourage organizations to develop resources so as to observe how the common public perceives them as business institutions. Most organizations observe business aims of social responsibility by taking adequate steps to fulfill their responsibilities for their consumers, employees, and society.

Local economy is significantly enhanced when businesses owned by large organizations take part in local markets. They offer jobs, support local businesses, and also sponsor various activities beneficial for people belonging to different age groups. Furthermore, in case of natural calamities, they can be trusted to offer disaster relief services.

Eliminating poverty, providing better health conditions, and offering education in poor countries are some noticeable characteristics of corporate social responsibility. Various organizations fulfilling their social responsibility work towards energy saving so as to ensure that industrial progress is not made at the expense of environmental deterioration.

Examples of Individual Social Responsibility

Commonly known as ISR, Individual Social Responsibility enables an individual to introduce minor or major changes in his or her social environment. It makes a person more responsible in his or her actions that are believed to impact communities that may or may not be related to his or her immediate surroundings.

A significant contribution is made to social responsibility by the kind of choices and decisions that people make. Even their code of conduct, their way of treating others, and the products, services, and resources they prefer are related to the domain of social responsibility. Individual social responsibility is majorly about treating others in the same way as you want yourself to be treated. You are considered to be socially responsible if you consider yourself accountable for your particular actions and dealings. Your constant attempts to have a positive influence on your fellows and to improve your environment make you socially responsible as well as appreciable.

Contributed by Rakesh Malhotra, Founder of Five Global Values www.fiveglobalvalues.comand Author of Adventures of Tornado Kid, Whirling Back Home Towards Timeless Values”.  Passionately determined to uncover the mystery of human behavior. His fascination with the influence of core values on human behavior stems from a career which has seen rise from an entry-level sales job to that of a seasoned CEO. Having worked, lived, or traveled to more than 40 countries, he has been able to study performance and human behavior across all cultures.  Follow me on Twitter  @FiveValues

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