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Rakesh Malhotra

What makes humans act badly? What influences our performance? Why do some of us perform at higher levels than others? How do the core values we are taught as children guide us in our lives? These are questions that Rakesh Malhotra has pondered for several years throughout his professional and personal life. Passionately determined to uncover the mystery of human behavior, Rakesh embarks on a soulful journey that explores the life of two children born into different families with very different values. As the tender-hearted story unfolds so do the answers to these questions that perplex many of us who work with, teach, or simply love our children.

Rakesh’s fascination regarding the connection between human behavior and core values was sparked many years ago. Working his way up from an entry-level sales job to that of a seasoned CEO, Rakesh claims to owe his success to the people he leads and is dedicated to developing. Having worked, lived, or travelled to more than 40 countries, Rakesh realizes that performance and overall human behavior is similar across all cultures.

As he strived to recruit, retain, and continuously motivate his cross-cultural teams Rakesh came to appreciate the crucial role core values played in guaranteeing success for both employees and the corporation. Void of a solid foundation, planted early in life, one fights an uphill battle. Without fail the most successful and happiest employees Rakesh has met are those who had been inspired many years before by their parents, elders, teachers, and mentors.

Rakesh provides readers with an intimate observation of children, with opposing upbringings, and provides techniques that can help all of us impart basic human values among today’s youth. Five core values are illustrated which demonstrate tools for empowering and inspiring children to become responsible adults. The story explores the vital roles these values play in helping us to raise strong, energetic, and determined individuals – individuals who are capable of controlling their emotions and achieving success in all facets of life, including, education, career, and relationships.

Rakesh holds a Masters in Public Administration with several professional diplomas in Business Education, including Indian institute of Foreign Trade and recent executive program with University of Chicago. Rakesh has authored numerous human values and performance management related articles and delivered similar several presentations across the globe. He resides in Chicago with his wife Sunita and son Madhur. He, together with his immediate and extended family, are dedicated to fostering a deep sense of peace, love, and community in hopes to help create a better world for our children and future generations.

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