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Once upon a time, right and wrong, good and bad, seemed like much easier values to identify. Good guys wore white hats; bad guys, black. The good guys were politicians, cops, firemen, Congressman, preachers and deacons. The bad guys were robbers and thieves and thugs.

Today, the lines have blurred to the point where many of our children no longer know where to look to find the good in the world. Politicians lie, cops cheat, preachers are de-flocked and the news barely causes a rippled, it’s become so accepted. Celebrities without scandals are almost unheard of while many murmur, “It’s only a matter of time…” Meanwhile, children grow up in a world without heroes, and even parents struggle with what values to teach in a world that seems to reward them less and less often.

Helping Your Child Survive During Global Insecurity

In order to form good behaviors and succeed in a world with ever-changing priorities, a child needs exposure to values being lived. “Living values,” as I call them, are more than just rules and “should do’s” but values that your children see alive and well in the home.
Saying one thing and doing another when it comes to values is a simple way to confuse your child and make it clear that while values might sound important, they really aren’t.

What’s more, living in a house without values – where words have little meaning and anger rules – creates a stressful environment for a child to grow up in.
If left to a stressed environment, the child can develop an over-reactive nervous system which can result negatively with the child’s motivation to behave. It can also isolate a child from relating with others and affect his or her ability to focus. Scientifically speaking, values are essential for healthy brain development and growth.

What, exactly, is a value? Simply put, values are beliefs that are important to an individual, a family, a society, civilization. A family or society without a value system has no direction.

  • When it comes to values, yours and those of the people you care about, ask yourself:
  • What is important to you?
  • What values are necessary to integrate within your family, your home, your contribution to society?
  • What do you value?
  • Why is it important that your children be taught values?

How you answer these questions will reveal a lot about not only what you value but how strongly you value, well… values themselves. To value anything we must first appreciate value itself. Therein lies the challenge; this book poses to overcome that obstacle by sharing not only the “value” of values but also making the point that there has never been a bigger need for values themselves.

The importance of values grows with your child’s growth. Regardless of his or her age, more and more often your child is becoming globally aware. First on play dates and in preschool, later in kindergarten and grade school, where his or her “world” becomes the classroom, the playground, the gyms and lockers of the world at large. What your child brings to this “global” relationship will depend on the values he was raised with.

This book takes you and your children through a story about two children who learn five of the most powerful values in the world through a fascinating journey that will move from your mind to your heart quickly. The result? Your children will be able to prosper during this time of global insecurity with more confidence and success.

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