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Helping You Put Values Into Action

“Adventures of the Tornado Kid”by Rakesh Malhotra takes your children on a journey to learn five of the most powerful values in the world: Responsibility, Compassion, Integrity, Peace, and Love.

By reading the story, your children will begin to see the positive effect living these values can have on a person, his/her family, a community, and more. However, for most of us, it is in the act of doing that we really experience and understand the impact. That’s where this Parent Guide comes in!

How the Parent Guide Works

Five Global Values and Planet Fassa teamed up to create an interactive guide for parents and their children to easily talk about values and put them into action. This guide comes FREE with your purchase of the book (it is included at the conclusion of the story.)

Example “Peaceful Puzzle” from the Peace section of the Parent Guide

For each value highlighted in “Adventures of the Tornado Kid”, you’ll find:

  • Definition of the value
  • Quick Quiz to test your child’s comprehension of “The Tornado Kid”
  • 4-part activity that puts each value into action, including:
  1. A main activity
  2. An additional challenge
  3. Personal questions for your child
  4. Discussion points for kids and parents
  • A point-earning activity through Planet Fassa
Click here for an excerpt from the Guide. For more examples of the types of activites you’ll find in the Guide, please see:


BONUS! At the end of the Guide, you’ll find “Values in the Community” – 5 Action Plans to take living your values to another level.


About Five Global Values and Planet Fassa

Our companies came together when we discovered our shared mission to keep values in the lives of families every day in a fun and interactive way. In addition to the activities you’ll find in the Parent Guide for each value, Planet Fassa has included a link to a fun, point-earning activity on their family website: You’ll also find cute, value-based stories, off- and on-line activities, and much more! (FASSA = Fun, Activities, Stories, Service, Awards)

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