Adventure of the Tornado Kid – Whirling Back Home toward Timeless Values

Adventures of the Tornado Kid is a beautiful and compelling story

I’m very excited to share that Adventures of Tornado Kid is finally out!  The book comes with a Free Parent Guide by Planet Fassa and Five Global Values.  If you want to purchase this book, please visit Amazon.

Adventures of the Tornado Kid is a beautiful and compelling story about two young kids born into two families with very different values. A devastating tornado is the catalyst for the children’s journey to discovering five of the most powerful values in the world: Responsibility, Compassion, Integrity, Peace, and Love. These global values are applicable and universally acceptable in every society, religion, cast, community, and for any age or race.
Every day, every single one of us is guided by our values and beliefs. Adventures of the Tornado Kid teaches kids not just what these Five Values are, but how to live them every day. In addition, kids will learn how to improve the quality of their lives by applying these Five Success Principals: Passion, Vision, Perseverance, Courage, and Discipline. This story explores the vital roles these values play in helping us to raise strong, energetic, and determined individuals – individuals who are capable of controlling their emotions and achieving success in all facets of life including, education, career, and relationships. Learning the Five Global Values can help shape lives and achieve success. This book will inspire kids to connect with one another, connect families together, give teachers good material to share with their students, and provide hope for communities wanting to help families in need.

BONUS! The book comes with a Free Parent Guide, by Planet Fassa and Five Values, designed to help kids put into action the values learned throughout the book. Using the Parent Guide along with the book will deepen the reader’s ability to absorb the timeless values within Adventures of the Tornado Kid and will show the reader how to develop and harness positive attitude, sharing, contentment, humility and honesty.

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